HESPE Framework

Currently, the Hespe Framework is not available in the SolarSoftware library; eventually, this is going to change.


The Hespe Framework requires:

  • ITTVIS IDL version 7.1+ (lower versions have not been tested)
  • A local installation of the SolarSoftware library with at least the following packages:
    • gen
    • hessi
    • xray
  • For performance reasons, a correctly set up sswdb for RHESSI data

Please refer to the SSW Installation Guide for more information on how to install and configure SSW on your machine.

Setup with Demonstration Package

Until the Hespe Framework is deployed to SSW, it can be tested with a demostration package. These packages have been introduced to be able to run a closed set of modules and algorithms for testing. On this page a list of available packages can be found.

After downloading the package do the following:

  • Unzip hespe_demo_v1.zip to your home directory
  • Open SSW IDL
  • Initialize the environment
    cd, 'HESPE_DEMO_LOCATION' ; e.g. $HOME/hespe_demo_v1
    add_path, 'hespe', /expand ; add hespe to your PATH
  • Either
    • run the demo
      hsp_interval_demo_v1 ; e.g. demo version 1
    • or test the algorithms manually (see the documentation)